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    winstown Health Group was founded in 1996. It is a professional company engaged in technology research and development, production and processing (including OEM/ODM), marketing and promotion of health care tea, dietary supplements, health food, special medical food, medical equipment and other major health industries. Modern high-tech enterprise group with personalized professional customized services.After more than 20 years of development, Wan Songtang has completed the strategic layout of the big health industry. Winstown Health Group consists of Suizhou Winstown Kanghui Health Products Co., Ltd., Wuhan Winstown Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Winstown Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Winstown Biotechnology (Hubei) Co., Ltd., and Suizhou Winstown Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., Wuhan Winstown Health Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongke Institute of Biology, Shanghai Winstown Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Melbourne, Australia Winstown Co., Ltd., Anhui Bozhou Winstown Co., Ltd., Hubei Winstown Business School Co., Ltd., etc. At the same time, there are cooperative planting bases in Hubei Shennongjia, Dahongshan and Luoyang Ginkgo Valley. The annual output value exceeds one billion yuan. Wan Songtang insists on cooperating with colleges and scientific research institutes, has a number of invention patents and utility model technologies, and has developed a series of hot-selling health-care tea products with auxiliary blood lipid-lowering, liver and liver protection. Has successively obtained SC food production license, ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO22000 food safety management system certification, export food production enterprise record certification, US FDA certification, HACCP food safety production certification, passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, won the technology board enterprise listing certificate . In the field of tea therapy and health care, Winstown Health Tea Base is also a domestic professional health tea OEM processing and production base, with two 100,000 and 300,000 GMP standard purification production lines, with advanced and complete equipment facilities and technologies The laboratory is equipped with a full set of modern equipment and packaging lines such as crushing, powder sieving, drying, sterilization, granulation, and bag making. All kinds of advanced production inspection equipment are available. The monthly production capacity can reach 180 million tea bags. In the field of dietary health, the product pursues "fine, natural, healthy and fashionable", combines modern high-tech with traditional dietary health theory, scientifically excavates the rich resources of domestic medicine and food, and builds 100,000 according to GMP standards. Grade solid beverage clean production line, monthly production can reach 120 million bags of functional solid beverages and convenient food preparation. In the field of physiotherapy and wellness, combining the principles of Chinese medicine, human meridianology and plant aromatherapy, fully using the integrated system thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, tapping the integrated functions of integrated traditional Chinese medicine prevention and treatment, and developing pillow therapy, foot therapy, umbilical therapy, herbal aroma Therapy (beautiful fragrance series, healthy fragrance series) and other series of physiotherapy products. Winstown adheres to the operation modes of "independent + OEM", "internal service + external use", "product + service", "online + offline", "domestic sales + foreign trade", and its sales network covers 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. It is exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.Winstown has "Winstown", "Zhenmei", "Kanghui Nianhua", "Yichutang", "Shen Nongzhai", "Old Cigarette Gun", "Accompaniment", "Kang Fengning", "Dolean" ", "Sanyuanli" and more than 20 well-known brands, was awarded the title of "China's health tea industry best-selling brand". While developing its own brands, it provides professional customized services for more than 7,000 companies including Amoy, Sunflower, Tongrentang, Lvshen, and Kyushu Tong. Wan Songtang actively undertakes corporate social responsibilities, adheres to public welfare undertakings, and is committed to becoming a political, cultural, and temperature-loving enterprise, and has been awarded "Food Safety Integrity Construction Demonstration Unit", "Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring Enterprise", "Consumer satisfaction unit", "May 1 Labor Certificate", "civilized unit" and many other honors and titles. In the past 20 years, Winstown has completed the transformation and upgrading from a health enterprise to a health industry; in the next 20 years, Winstown will be committed to the construction of a "big health +" ecosystem and continue to complete the gorgeous transformation from the health industry to the health business. Entering a new era, Wan Songtang will, with a more open and inclusive mentality, iterative and innovative thinking, scientific and pragmatic actions, join hands with global business partners to lead a healthy life, create healthy wealth together, and contribute 10,000 to the progress and development of human health. Songtangs philosophy and mission of wisdom.




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